Bridging the Digital Gap

88% of all internet users live in an industrialized country, but they represent only 15% of the world’s population. 90% of the worldwide households, that do not have access to the internet, live in a developing country. Almost all African countries rank at the bottom of the ICT Development Index, published by ITU, the UN agency for ICT. The Republic of Korea tops the IDI 2011, followed by the European countries, the US and Australia. Having access to ICT is not only vital for the economic development of a country and thus for poverty reduction, but also for the democratic development of a society. Democratic processes require critical thinking. Access to information is the cornerstone to societal empowerment.

Leapfrog wants to contribute to the reduction of the digital gap and make knowledge accessible to everyone.

To achieve this goal, we partner with civil society organisations and schools in the global South and provide technical and financial support to them. We also see ourselves as partners of corporations and public organisations in the global North that aims to re-used their IT in a social and sustainable way.
Bridging the digital gap goes along with taking social responsibility to ensure sustainability, creating a world with more solidarity and equality of opportunities.

Our goal is thus: Connect – Empower – Change!

ICT as a Game Changer

In the past, most of the innovations came from the Western, industrialized countries. When they finally made it to Africa, they were far from being innovative. If you look at the dynamic IT scenes in Nairobi, Kigali or Dar-es- Salaam these days,  you may be surprised to see so much creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

It thus has been no surprise that the mobile money transfer M-Pesa has been developed in Kenya  and has been become an export hit of Kenya. Or Ushahidi, a digital platform that rapidly collects data from the crowd and visualizes what happened, when and where such as during the violence in Kenya after the election 2007/2008. The iHubs in Nairobi or Kigali unite more than 10.000 web developers, designers and entrepreneurs and a lot of start-up had their birthplace there.

The more ICT is becoming a „Game Changer“, challenging the unequal distribution of knowledge and thus power between the global South and North, the more it is important that people gain IT knowledge, also in the peripheries. Leapfrog enables people to get access to digital knowledge, please help us to do that!