Community Capacity Building through ICT in Mitume

“Many enthusiastic and talented young people applied for the ICT training, but we could not take more than 70”, said Augustine, the Coordinator of the Mitume Community Development Project, our local collaboration partner aiming to improve livelihoods in the community. Participants are selected on the basis of motivation statements and the community social worker’s recommendations. The course agenda is divided into 6 modules, including basic operating system functionality and standard office applications, as well as internet skills and entrepreneurship. Each training unit concludes with an examination.

Listen to what motivated one the IT students, Raphael, to apply for the training session:

The IT training and the sports activities that run in parallel, as well as the community services [CH2] aspect of the training, all attach special importance to team-work. This supports and promotes peace and harmony around Kitale, a cosmopolitan, western Kenyan town to which the Tuwan slum and Mitume Community belong, as it harbors people from numerous Kenyan and Ugandan tribes.

“Effects of post election violence of 2007- 2008 also affected most of the people in our locality”, says Augustine from the Mitume Community Development Project.

Prior to the post-election violence, youth from different communities and tribes lived together in peace. Nowadays, they can’t see eye to eye in the aftermath of election violence since many of them were involved in running battles and property looting in their opponent’s communities.

“Promoting reconciliation and peace is thus a very important aspect in our joint work with Leapfrog”, Augustine adds.