Empowerment through IT, Phase I

Title: Empowerment of young people in Donyo-Sabuk in Kenya through IT, Phase I
Partner: DISC Initiative, Kenya
Duration: July 2013 till March 2014
Financial Support: Foundation North-South Bridges through means of the German Federal Ministry for Development Cooperation and private donations

Tea and fruit plantations as far as the eye can see. The region around Thika, 80 km northeast of the Kenyan capital Nairobi, is one the biggest areas for the big global fruit producers. For anyone who does not want to work on the plantations and is looking for a better qualified job, computer literacy is indispensable. But computer courses are usually expensive and only offered in the big cities.

Kids and youth people from the Donyo community have been able to obtain IT knowledge at the Donyo Sports Center since September 2013. The first cyber café in the region should be opening soon.

Leapfrog e.V. provides funding to the IT courses as well as technical expertise to the computer infrastructure and the training programmes. Currently, 96 children and young people, including 14 teenage mothers, are learning how to use Microsoft Office and gain important knowledge on hygiene measures, misuse of drugs, HIV/AIDS and family planning through e-learning tools.