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George Wanjala, Kenyan by nationality, is one of the founding members of Leapfrog. He has a background in network architecture and conflict transformation.

Katrin Jullien has been a member of Leapfrog since its foundation. With her experience in managing humanitarian aid project, she supports Leapfrog’s partner organisations in project implementation and is in charge of fundraising, networking and management of the NGO.

Marco Dillenburg has been supporting Leapfrog since 2014 in preparing and implementing IT education projects. He is an IT-professional with many years of experience in software development and project management.

The core team about their motivation to found Leapfrog:

Believing that access to ICT promotes the development of societies in the global south, we have combined our experience in IT and project management to found the NGO “Leapfrog” in 2011. Leapfrog is a children’s game in which one player kneels to provide a vault for the other player to hop over like a frog. We chose this slogan because we want our IT projects to contribute to the empowerment of kids and youths in the countries of the global south. We want to enable them to play a role in the development of their countries.

You would like to get in touch with us? Please send us an email under or contact as on Facebook: @LeapfrogeV

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