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Bridging the digital divides

Without IT qualifications, young people in Africa have little chance of finding a qualified job.

Modern technology should benefit everyone

All should have access to the internet and be able to develop their digital skills. Yet the gap between wealthier and less developed countries is wide. Leapfrog e.V. is committed to providing non-privileged young Africans with access to IT and digital skills, working together with local partners from Africa.

Our supporters include the Stiftung Nord Süd Brücken, Stiftung Umverteilen, Deutsche Bahnstiftung and GIZ / CIM.

Education is key to a better future, and digital skills are essential for learning, working and actively participating in society. However, not everyone has an equal opportunity to use modern technology. The digital divide also extends within countries: between urban and rural areas, between the rich and the poor, between men and women, the young and the old. Social mobility and community empowerment is hardly possible without IT literacy, regardless of whether you are in Nairobi or Berlin or whether you come from an educated background or not.

Our IT training courses share know-how at many levels, from practical agricultural technology for female farmers to advanced training for up-and-coming IT staff. This supports young people to benefit from the opportunities arising from Africa’s digitalisation and help shape globalisation in a self-determined and informed way.

New projects

We are working with the Cameroonian NGO ActivSpaces in Buea, Cameroon, to provide training on WordPress, digital marketing and MS cetification. We aim to enable young, unemployed and those in precarious employment to earn an income in the country affected by conflict.

We are working with the NGO ADEGO in the Bukedea District in Uganda to train 50 teachers in digital literacy so that they can pass these skills on to their students. Digital technology is very important for teaching, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

We offer IT education to young people in the “Glimmer of Hope” community library in Mathare, a so-called “informal settlement” in Kenya’s capital Nairobi. On the programme: basic IT skills, Introduction to Open Source, Social Media, Digital Storytelling, Fundraising.

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved with Leapfrog and help ensure that the internet is an opportunity for everyone and that everyone has the opportunity to develop skills to act in an informed and empowered way in this globalised and digital world. We welcome all support: fundraising for our projects, developing trainings, managing projects, public relations and much more. If you are interested in volunteering, we would be very happy to receive an email to We are also very grateful for a financial or IT donation.

Our members and trainers work closely with our local partner organisation to provide tailor made IT trainings

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